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The Leg an Interview with Van Jensen

You may know him from The Flash, or Green Lantern Corps, but Van Jensen is also working on getting a indie comic out to the world via Kickstarter. We The Nerdy had the chance to talk to him about the project which you can check...

Sinestro Ongoing Series Announced

In a strong of announcements this week, DC must have felt left out, and so, we’re getting a DC announcement. Sinestro, the arch nemesis, and best friend, of Hal Jordan will be starring in his own series, set to debut on ...


Red Lanterns # 25 Review

Charles Soule continues to make Red Lanterns a quality book, as the Red's take control of the 2814!

DC Comics, Finding The Light

For years I knew I was missing out on something, not reading DC comics and with prices being the way they are here in Australia, i always justified it to myself that I didn’t need to read THAT universe. After all, I was getti...