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Halo: Collateral Damage #1

Written By: Alex Irvine Art By: David Crosland Published By: Dark Horse As a fan that personally feels Halo 3 was the peak of the series, I found Collateral Damage to scratch an itch that none of the followup games seemed t...

Comics Dash #92: It’s About Overwatch and Buttplugs

On this week’s sensual episode, Alex, Jean, and Chad talk sex podcasts and video games! Chad played Overwatch for the first time ever, so they talk about how Mei is the best character because she’s super cute and ic...

We The GamerCast Episode 109: Joey Hehir

We the GamerCast is back! In Episode 109, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with Joey Hehir! The two nerds talk about Midnight Launches, Video Game Societies, and the Great Halo Debate. Follow Joey on the internet: @jocriticyt Each we...

“Uh-Oh, Platforming” Destiny 2 Beta (PS4) – DEBUFF

Fall damage? Just what are you trying to pull here, Bungie?

“Need Gunput” Halo (Xbox) – DEBUFF

How is this game even played? It has been so long. What are buttons? Don’t all games go by mental impulses now?