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25 Years, 25 Harleys: Tribute to Harley Quinn

Hi Everyone! DC dropped a cool tribute video to Harley Quinn. Check it out here!  

Harley Quinn and Batman #1 Review

Written By: Ty Templeton Art By: Rick Burchett & Keiren Smith Published By: DC Man, I’m kind of drunk and this isn’t funny. Normally everything is funny when I’m drunk! I don’t … I don’t actually know how to pro...

Comics Dash #48: It’s About Infinite Crisis and Secret Empire

Lots of comics this week. If you listen, you might just find out which ones we talk about! Pretty cool, huh?

Suicide Squad Banana Splits Special Review

Written by: Tony Bedard Art by: Ben Caldwell, Mark Morales, and Jeremy Lawson Publisher: DC What the hell did I just read, and who the hell is this for? I’ll straight up admit that I was only interested in viewing Suicide Squ...

We Finally Saw Suicide Squad! – Spoiler Free Review

Spoiler Free Review: As the blockbuster movie season that is summertime draws to a close, Warner Brothers’ Studios delivers up its newest entry into the fray. As many of you know, Warner Brothers’  and DC Entertain...