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Velvet #4 – Review

Velvet goes undercover again. But this time, the carnival awaits her.


Black Science #4 – Review

Rick Remender takes us to the next dimension with another excellent issue


EGOs #2 Review

Before we get into the specifics of issue #2, let’s quickly recap what we learned in the first issue since we didn’t review it here when it initially released. Deuce is a former teen hero who was part of a group called the ...


One Hit Wonder #1 Review

Bottom line, your money can be spent on better things.


The Fuse #1 Review

“The Fuse” is a futuristic series that tells the story of a police officer who transfers to a satellite that orbits the Earth, and houses thousands of inhabitants. Once at Midway City, Dietrich partners with Klem, a seasone...