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4-Color Philosophy: Why Comics Rule The World

As someone who grew up reading and collecting comic books and worshiping the characters that fill their pages, it’s odd, yet surreal to see these characters quite literally everywhere we look. Superhero comics have reache...


Green Arrow #27 Review

The Outsiders War continues with Ollie and Shadow discovering what resides in the Tomb of the Arrow Clan and facing the Shield clan! EXCITEMENT! ADVENTURE! ARROWS!


Animal Man #26 Review

The first disappointing issue of an exceptional run.


Green Arrow #24 Review

Count Vertigo came to Seattle looking to kill Green Arrow and to bring the hero out form hiding, takes the city hostage. The final battle between our green archer hero and his toughest foe thus far in the New 52 continues in G...

Justice League Canada?

    What surely sounds like a joke, Jeff Lemire confirmed today at Toronto‚Äôs Fan Expo. His new book for DC will be Justice League Canada. Spinning out of the events of Trinity War and Forever Evil, Justice League Ca...