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Doctor Strange #1 Review

Written By: Mark Waid Art By: Jesus Saiz Published By: Marvel Let’s begin with confession time: I’m not what one would call a “Doctor Strange guy.” And what I mean is my experience with The Master of the Mystic Arts is ...

Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 Review

Written by: Nick Spencer Art by: Jesus Saiz Publisher: Marvel First and foremost, the New York Times spoiled the twist in this issue for me. Literally, they just Tweeted out the last panel of the issue. That really isn’t ...


Swamp Thing #29 Review

Swamp Thing #29 remains an excellent book, despite a lack of plot progression this issue.


Swamp Thing #25 Review

Charles Soule and Jesus Saiz bring the full range of their talents to bear in this high stakes showdown that brings everything we know about the Swamp Thing status quo crashing down around us.