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Comics Dash Episode 3: News, News, News

The third and exciting episode of the Comics Dash pod. Back after a brief unintentional hiatus. Overload of news...we dig into the Lex Luthor casting amongst man other topics.


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #8 Review

The hits keep on coming as Superior Foes delivers another great issue.

Paul Bettany to get the Vision treatment.

  It seems that Tony Stark’s butler is getting an upgrade. Marvel announced today that Paul Bettany, voice of Jarvis from the Iron Man films and Avengers, will be playing the android, Vision. This news almost solidif...

The Ultimate Guide: All Upcoming Comic Book Movies

There are a lot of comic book movies coming. Seriously, a lot. Now that 2013 is behind us, we can finally look at the projects that all four stuidos developing comic book movies are working on. And in this article – that ...


Uncanny Avengers #16

Uncanny Avengers continues to impress as the battle between the Unity Squad and the Apocalypse Twins reaches it's peak.