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Venom Project Rebirth. The Rick Remender Run a Retrospective Part 3 : The Conclusion

Our retrospective of Remender's Venom comes to a end! Flash must save Betty from the hands of the Savage Six! Remender finishes the story off in style with a amazing final chapter!

Agents of SHIELD: Enter Deathlok

Marvel has confirmed a lot of fan theories today, by confirming J. August Richards’ character in Agents of SHIELD, Mike Peterson, will become the classic Marvel character Deathlok, who’s celebrating 40 years in 2014...

Venom Project Rebirth. The Rick Remender Run Retrospective Part 2 : Hell on Earth

The middle of Remender's Venom run, is something really un. Flash gets into so much trouble he actually has to deal with Hell on Earth!


Daredevil #35 Review

Daredevil seems ensnared by the nefarious Sons of the Serpent, who are using someone close to him as leverage.

The Comics Dash: Episode 1: Pilot

Welcome to the Comics Dash Podcast! Join David, Henry and Jean-Luc as we break down comics news, as well as do weekly reviews! We also talk about some of our favorite stories, creators and series! Available on I-tunes.