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Attacking the Darkness

Pathfinder night 8, part 1 We have returned! After a long hiatus the episodes are flowing again. In this episode the party continues to explore the demonic outpost hidden in The Voiceless Wastes and find some fun surprises.

Babau Before Me: Pathfinder Session 7, Part 2

Pathfinder Session 7, Part 2 The gang continues into the demonic pit and finally discovers some clues as to what’s going on here. Oh, and demons. Plenty of demons.

Goin’ Stag

Pathfinder Session 7, Part 1 We’re finally back with some more Pathfinder adventure! In this episode we continue to explore the spooky demon pit and face some interesting foes. Now, onward, to adventure!   Subscribe

Desert Oysters

Pathfinder Session 6, Part 2 The party continues into The Voiceless Wastes and encounters a horrifying demonic pit. The bard also takes up a salesman role as he tries to offload his “desert oysters”. What are those?...

Opening Credits

Pathfinder Session 6, Part 1 Well, we finally did it, we got to the real adventure! In this episode we spend some time with the townsfolk, learn some new things, and head east to The Voiceless Wastes. This spooky land is where ...