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We the Gamercast E3’s Sony Conference Review

The guys discuss the Sony Conference. They also rant about unnecessary things. Guilherme admits defeat, and where was Last Guardian?!  

We the Gamercast E3’s Microsoft Conference Review

The biggest podcast, cast yet! The group talks about the high’s and low’s of the Microsoft Conference and they make some predictions for future plans.  

The Goon: One For the Road – Review

Publisher: Dark Horse Written by: Eric Powell Colours by: Dave Stewart Comics should be fun. The Goon: One for the Road, is exactly that. I could end the review right there, but the powers that be say I need to keep writing....

Savage Dragon #195 Review

Publisher: Image Comics Written by: Erik Larsen Art by: Erik Larsen Erik Larsen starts his letter column at the end of the newest issue of Savage Dragon #195 by stating that this is technically the 200th issue if you are to inc...

MPH #2 Review

The best social commentary is subtle. It slips through the cracks of a comic, and requires readers to understand the subtext of everything that’s going on. Nothing is ever blatantly stated, but rather, the commentary come...