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Superior Carnage #3 Review

While the ending provides a great setup for next month's issue, if issue #4 doesn't deliver, this book may be dead on arrival.


Superior Spider-Man #18 Review

With three Spider-Men running around New York these days, you'd think it would be overkill but Dan Slott continuously delivers and this chapter was no different.


Fantastic Four #12 Review

This comic is reminiscent of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s original creation.


Lobo 1 (Justice League 23.2) Review

Marguerite Bennett is an incredible up-and-coming talent that radically reinvents Lobo for the modern era.


Review: Green Arrow #23.1 “Count Vertigo #1”

Lemire and Sorrentino have a very solid and interesting story in telling the New 52 origin of Count Vertigo that is a quick and easy read that doesn't tie-in to Forever Evil, but is rather a side story from the current Green A...