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Armor Hunters #1 Review

Two weeks into the month of June, and Valiant’s really beginning to ramp up for their big summer goings-on. This means that, of course, they have debuted their second big summer event in the new Valiant continuity, a seri...

Shutter #3 Review

I struggled to find any negative aspects of this issue of Shutter. In fact, once you get to the end of this review (Please read the whole thing. I appreciate it when people do that), you’ll notice that, spoilers, there ar...


Secret Origins #2 Review

If you take The New 52 as the The New 52 and don’t think about anything that happened previously, then I can understand the point and need for secret origins stories.


Axe Cop: American Choppers #1 Review

The first issue of American Choppers is a refreshing take on the Axe Cop series that is perfect for a time when superhero groups are all the rage.


Lazarus #8 Review

Despite being somewhat flawed, Lazarus #8 is another exceptional entry in the series.