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Sideways Vol. 1 Review

Written By: Dan DiDio & Justin Jordan Art By: Carmine Giandomenico, Robert Gill, Kenneth Rocafort Published By: DC Comics At first glance, you may think it’s just another goofy Marvel spin-off if you don’t notic...

Punk Mambo #0 Review

Written by: Peter Milligan Art by: Robert Gill Publisher: Valiant Punk Mambo is a title I really wanted to like. Peter Milligan’s Shadowman run was absolutely fantastic and Punk Mambo was an interesting enough charac...

Armor Hunters: Harbinger #3 Review

Written by: Joshua Dysart Art by: Robert Gill Publisher: Valiant With the end of Armor Hunters coming at the end of this month, the tie in mini series are beginning to come to a close as well. Armor Hunters: Harbinger #3 is the...


Eternal Warrior #5 Review

A spoiler-free review of Eternal Warrior #5, out this Wednesday!