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“FreeDUMB Force” DEBUFF – Elite Vs. Freedom (PC)

You know The Division? This is just like that, but BAAAAAAD.

“Mike Is a Bad Brother” Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) – DEBUFF

Mike is the nastiest skank b**** we’ve ever met. DO NOT TRUST HIM. He is a fugly slut!

“GRBB THE HAMMER” Please, Don’t Touch Anything (PC) – DEBUFF

Hey man, I need to take a bathroom break. Can you watch my station for a while? …You’re not a death-hungry, world-ending psychopath, right? Okay, good.

Titan Comics Unveils Violent Robots With Masked Volume 1

Titan Comics has revealed a new series that focuses on a future with sentient robots. This series, Masked, will be released in four issues starting in 2015. Titan Comics has released some details about Masked via press release ...