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“GRBB THE HAMMER” Please, Don’t Touch Anything (PC) – DEBUFF

Hey man, I need to take a bathroom break. Can you watch my station for a while? …You’re not a death-hungry, world-ending psychopath, right? Okay, good.

“Velma Dinkley Vs The Devil” Outlast II Demo (PC) – DEBUFF

My glasses! I can’t see anything without my glasses! Not that upside-down cross, the blood altar, the pool of dead children, the locker-lurking appendage monster…

Rise of the Antichrist issues 1 & 2 Review

Written by:  Betvin Géant Art by: Kay Publisher:  Ether Comics This is a story of a mental patient named Michael, a young man with a strong religious upbringing whose strong beliefs land him in the psychiatric word of the Go...