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Arrow “Birds of Prey” Review

While this week's episode had its flaws, it delivered the same great action that you'd come to expect. The final moments of this episode will definitely make you count the days until the next Wednesday.


Arrow “The Promise” Review

"The Promise" was arguably the best episode of Arrow yet. While the Barry Allen episodes were originally the reigning kings of the show, "The Promise" easily delivered on the hype and proved once again that the writers continue...

Get a Sneak Peek At Next Week’s Arrow

After Arrow’s short three-week break (it felt like an eternity) the show will finally return February 26th. In his return episode, entitled “Time of Death”, Oliver will be facing off against classic DC and Green Arrow vil...


Arrow “Blast Radius” Review

Warning: Contains Full Episode and Midseason Finale Spoilers Arrow’s previous two episodes, “The Scientist” and “Three Ghosts”, were arguably the show’s top episodes of all-time. In the final...