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Review: Teen Titans 27

The latest installment in the Teen Titans series is one that drags the troubled series down even further.

Sean Von Gorman: Pawn Shop Interview

Check out our Interview with Pawn Shop artist Sean Von Gorman.

Super Bowl trailers: Captain America, Spider-Man, Jack Bauer and Dinobots

As you probably know, yesterday was the Super Bowl. With it, a bunch of new trailers for upcoming movies were released. So we put together the ones you will probably be interested in watching, all in this very page. Check it al...

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies at Age 46

Earlier today Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his apartment in Greenwich Village, New York, after an apparent drug overdose. Hoffman is known for being an acting chameleon, frequently taking on new and unique roles acr...

The Lex that No One Expected

“In Snyder we trust. In Snyder we trust. In Snyder we trust.”┬áThis is what I chant to myself as I rock back and forth in the fetal position. So as you probably have already heard, Warner Brother’s studios has...