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Creator Spotlight! Greg Rucka: Batwoman Retrospective

Full disclosure: I’m not a big DC guy; my collection is about 100 books mainly consisting of Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. Before the New 52 came along I was just following a handful of DC writers: Grant Morrison, Geoff...

The Benefits of being a College Student

Being in college can get you a lot of things. Friends, acquaintances, and girlfriends/boyfriends. Colleges are a source of education, especially if you do it right. Some people want to get the most of college, and others may be...


Forver Evil #2 Review

Forever Evil #2 is a good second chapter. Lex Luthor steals the show, more is revealed about the Crime Syndicate and Johns keeps building the mystery.


Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1 Review

Marvel Knights is back as is Peter Parker, and this issue of Spider-Man is truly popping and bizarre. The first page of this issue, really sets the scene as far as art goes of what we can expect from this mini-series. It just j...


Captain America: Living Legend #1

Great start to this long in production mini by Diggle and Granov.