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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Condition Unknown Review

Clone Wars comes back, and guess what? It's great.

Final Season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars coming to Netflix

Netflix has its first Star Wars Related Content in The Clone Wars.

The Expanded Universe in Movies: Why It Won’t Work

As we close the gap to the release date of Star Wars: Episode VII (we’re barely a year away from having new Star Wars in our theaters), the speculation about what stories will see is being taken to a new level. Everyone I...

Marvel to Publish Star Wars Comics

It had to happen eventually. Marvel and LucasFilm announced, via press release, that they’re combining forces and that Marvel Comics will have¬†exclusive rights to create and publish ‘Star Wars’ comics and gra...


Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Force War #1 Review

It hurts to give something related to Star Wars such a low score.