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Amazing Spider-Man #13 Review

Written by: Dan Slott Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli Publisher Marvel A lot of fuss was kicked up in the last issue of Spider-Man with a twist than, admittedly, felt a bit out of left field. Those looking for that ending to have...

Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review

Written by: Dan Slott Art by: Oliver Coipel Publisher: Marvel Continuing on from its strong start last month Spider-Verse continues in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man showcasing exactly how event comics should be; fun, epic and...

Dan Slott Announces “Spiderverse”

In a live press conference, Dan Slott unveiled the next big Spider-Man event, which was originally teased a couple days ago with a poster and the words “Every Single One.” That was all we got. Well now, the current ...


Superior Spider-Man #26 – Review

One Goblin to rule 'em all!


Superior Spider-Man 25 Review

If Amazing Spider-Man continues to be as fantastic as Superior has been every month, then I have no worries about the wall crawlers future at all