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Superman Unchained #5 – Review

Scott Snyder answers some questions, while raising other, deeper, ones.


Batman/Superman #6 Review

I was worried initially when seeing the cover for this book that they had decided to drop the horizontal format that issue 5 had, leaving it to be an odd looking issue in the eventual collection, but thankfully once you get pas...

Gal Godot Cast as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel Sequel

Firstly. YAY WONDER WOMAN IN A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now on to the report, According to The Hollywood Reporter, the casting of Gal Godot has confirmed the long standing rumor of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman maki...

4-Color Philosophy: Tragedy Breeds Heroism

   In the world of comics as well as in all great works of fiction it is a very common occurance for most of the heroes we love to read about to be born out of some personal tragedy. For 75 years now in comics superheroes ha...


Superman – Dark Knight Over Metropolis Review

This story should have been in print years ago but for some unknown reason has never been printed as a trade, it’s the story everyone knows has happened as it gets referenced all the time but a lot of people have either forgo...