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4-Color Philosophy: Tragedy Breeds Heroism

   In the world of comics as well as in all great works of fiction it is a very common occurance for most of the heroes we love to read about to be born out of some personal tragedy. For 75 years now in comics superheroes ha...


Superman – Dark Knight Over Metropolis Review

This story should have been in print years ago but for some unknown reason has never been printed as a trade, it’s the story everyone knows has happened as it gets referenced all the time but a lot of people have either forgo...


Batman/Superman #5 Review

Unfortunately a huge step down in quality after the fantastic opening arc into this series.


Superman Unchained #4 Review

Scott Snyder's creativity and talent as a writer shine through in the latest issue of Superman Unchained, despite its flaws.


Batman/Superman #4 Review

Great conclusion to this opening arc of Batman/Superman