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And Stabbed

Pathfinder Night 11, part 1 After their marginally successful daylight espionage mission the crew regroups and begins to plan a more sensible nighttime raid on Rane manor. Along the way we make some new “friends” wh...

Adventurous Applications

Pathfinder Night 9, part 1 The party enters a big city and has a look around at all the wondrous sites and wares. After some shopping about, the crew heads to the Pathfinder Guild Hall and begins their application process.

Attacking the Darkness

Pathfinder night 8, part 1 We have returned! After a long hiatus the episodes are flowing again. In this episode the party continues to explore the demonic outpost hidden in The Voiceless Wastes and find some fun surprises.


Pathfinder Session 3, Part 2 After the players take a smoke break the party goes back to the swamp. We find more of the same, for the most part, though there’s at least one surprise in there. The thrilling conclusion to o...

There Goes the Bard – Pathfinder, Session 1

Hello, and welcome to our new podcast! Last month our gaming group started playing Pathfinder and recording our play sessions. Now you, the internet at large, can join us in the gaming basement and tag a long on our adventure. ...