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Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Review

Developers: Tamsoft, Honey, Parade Games Publisher: Marvelous USA Platform: PS4 Release Date: September 26th 2017 Pump faster! Squirt Further! And Splash all around! Peach Beach Splash is a hell of a fun but perverted game. One...

“Uh-Oh, Platforming” Destiny 2 Beta (PS4) – DEBUFF

Fall damage? Just what are you trying to pull here, Bungie?

“Need Gunput” Halo (Xbox) – DEBUFF

How is this game even played? It has been so long. What are buttons? Don’t all games go by mental impulses now?


Bright lights, big city. How well can we handle this fame that has been thrust upon us?

“Mike Leads The Gang To Victory” Paragon (PS4) – DEBUFF

Follow the golden path to the hero’s gate, past the steward’s obelisk, down the middle lane, straight to the enemy’s core. Watch out for super minions, and don’t forget to equip your deck with mana elixi...