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Blue Shell In Your VR Eyeballs | If We Ran Nintendo Episode 92

iTunes: Google Play: Powered by Make Us Better at Jason Lacy and Lucas Rose from Fluxtaposed to decide if Nintendo...

“WE ARE MONSTERS!!!” Mighty Monster Mayhem (Vive) – DEBUFF

Gamera! Gamera! You are strong, Gamera! You are strong, Gamera! You are strong, Gamera! M! M! J! V! M! M! J! V! Monsters coming from Mars, Or some other alien world? Come on, space monsters! Bring it on! Let’s cut and pok...

“Graaaaaaass… Tastes Bad!” Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality (PC/Vive) – DEBUFF

Danny sucks at spacefaring car repair, and Ethan isn’t really helping. He’s still eating grass though, so… there’s that.

“Look at that Plumbus Jiggle” Virtual Rick Ality (Vive) – DEBUFF

I could use this oppurtunity to write a Rick Sanchez-esque description and reference a bunch of jokes from the show buuuuuut I won’t. Because you all need a dose of the real world.

Ace Banana PSVR Review: One of the Worst Games I Have Ever Played

One of the only uses my Move controllers got prior to the launch of PlayStation VR is playing Sports Champions on PS3. My favorite mode from that game has always been the archery one. The gameplay, tracking, and controls worked...