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NEWS: Announcing Cat Sorter VR: The Best Cat Sorting Game on VR!

The Future is Meow! Pawmigo Games Unveils Cat Sorter VR Coming August 29th on Steam and Vive Port for the HTC Vive   Preview the First-Ever Playable Demo During CatCon from August 12-13, 2017   GLENDALE, Calif., (Augu...

“WE ARE MONSTERS!!!” Mighty Monster Mayhem (Vive) – DEBUFF

Gamera! Gamera! You are strong, Gamera! You are strong, Gamera! You are strong, Gamera! M! M! J! V! M! M! J! V! Monsters coming from Mars, Or some other alien world? Come on, space monsters! Bring it on! Let’s cut and pok...

“Look at that Plumbus Jiggle” Virtual Rick Ality (Vive) – DEBUFF

I could use this oppurtunity to write a Rick Sanchez-esque description and reference a bunch of jokes from the show buuuuuut I won’t. Because you all need a dose of the real world.

“2 Broke Dudes” Job Simulator (Vive)

                  Bored with the trivial issues of day-to-day life, Danny and Ethan step into the virtual world to see what it’s like to be a contributing member of society.

Sony gut-punches Oculus, Vive. And Nintendo NX?

PlayStation VR will launch in October 2016 at $399. The internet exploded earlier today when Sony announced an incredible price-point and holiday-shopping-centric launch window for it’s long-awaited virtual reality system...