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We The Gamercast Episode 9: Falling For Fallout 4

Sean, Lazar, Stephanie, and Andrew talk about Nintendo’s Micro Direct, Uncharted Trilogy, and Fallout 4!

We The Gamercast Episode 8: E3 Predictions

Andrew, Steph, Sean, and guest Kaylie Woomer give their predictions for E3 this year! It’s the longest episode by a long shot so buckle in!   A HUGE thank you to fans Dan Phillips, Mads Jensen,¬†Mohamed Yousif, and¬†...

We The Gamercast Episode 5: Modding The Ops

This week Sean, Stephanie, Lazar, and Andrew talk about the latest DLC from Mario Kart 8, Marvel’s new agreement with TellTale games, paid mods on Steam, and Black Ops 3!   If you have any questions you want answered...

We The Gamercast Episode 2: Borne In The Blood

Andrew and Lazar discuss the recently released and critically acclaimed PS4 exclusive game Bloodborne.   Spoilers: they both love it and gush about it.

We the Gamercast: Episode 1 Is Bethesda about to rock our socks off at E3?

Guilherme and Robby discuss the big news of the week for movies and video games. Robby has a rant, and Guilherme gets his heart ripped out by Persona 3. It’s a great way to kick off the year with your We The Gamercast cre...