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We The Gamercast – Game of The Year Awards Part 2

Guilherme and Robby break down the top awards for video games in 2014. This episode they break down the best music, best visuals, and the bestĀ narrative.  

We The Gamercast Episode 24 Black Friday Blues

Sorry for the delay folks! Life occurred and were a week off.   This week, Guilherme and Robby talk about Dragon Age, Far Cry, and Assassin’s Creed Unity as well as breaking down the news leading us into the infamous...

We The Gamercast Episode 23: The Boys Are Back!

This week, Ribby and Guilherme return! They discuss the games that have been played, Destiny, and potential games of the year. They’ve been gone for awhile, but they’re back to be great, on a weekly basis!

We The Gamercast Episode 21: Nintendo’s 125th Anniversary, PAX News, with guest RedEyeGamesLive

Welcome back for episode 21 of We The Gamercast! This week was full of Nintendo news and with the upcoming 125th anniversary of the company we’ve decided to dedicate most of this week’s show to our incomparable frie...

We the Gamercast Episode 19: Gamescom Predictions

Robby, John, and Guilherme discuss the news from the past week, and they break down their predictions for this year’s Gamescom. Guilherme swears he’s going to win the battle this time.