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We the Gamercast End of the Year Awards Part 4

Guilherme, Robby, and Bryan finish out the discussion with top 10 games of the year, and what the best game of the year is. It’s a conclusion to a great year of games.

We the Gamercast End of the Year Awards Part 3

Guilherme, Bryan, and Robby discuss the best shooter, the best action game, and a huge debate about the best horror game of 2014. It’s round three, and it heats up quite a bit.

We the Gamercast Episode 23: New Start, Same bit of Awesome

Robby and Guilherme discuss a new direction for the show, and they break down some new games. They also discuss a few movies of the week. It’s a great show this week.

We The Gamercast Episode 20: NEW Hosts, Gamescom News, MDGS

This episode saw us come back off of a break with new hosts: Senior Editor, Drew Freeman and Writer, Alex Hirsch. The guys are joined by a guest, Cofounder of Indige Game Insider, Andrew Matt, here to talk about the Midwest Gam...

We the Gamercast Episode 14: Who Dies in Uncharted 4?

Bryan, Guilhermere, and Robby discuss their favorite Uncharted game, and the games that are coming out soon. They also get thrown for a curve ball by Robby’s question of the week. Episode 15