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Batman/Superman #11 Review

This issue is an essential part of the story if you are reading Superman: Doomed - Infected and it cannot be missed!

Sensational Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Announced

DC comics has announced an all new addition to their digital comics line up: Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman. This will join the ranks of books such as Legends of the Dark Knight and Batman ’66. This will also mea...

An Update on DC’s Earth One Books!

So remember when DC had this amazing plan to put out a ton of Earth One books, that would re-imagine their characters in a more realistic setting, one that would be very accessible to to new readers? It was a line that had a gr...


Wonder Woman #28 Review

Wonder Woman #28 is another great issue. Are you really surprised?

Wonder Woman Creative Team to Leave the Book

Writing this up is a real bummer for me. I mean, I guess that the news could be worse, but here it is: Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang will be leaving Wonder Woman at some point later this year. From what we know, this is simp...