Teen Titans Are Coming Back

Posted April 8, 2014 by Bryan Huth in Comic Books

According to Newsarama, the Teen Titans will be relaunching this July with a new creative team and roster. Red Hood writer Will Pfeifer and artist Kenneth Rocafort will be heading up the new series with a reworked group that will pay homage to the classic Titans, but still stay in-line with the continuity that previous writer Scott Lobdell has established. The team will consist of Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Bunker, Beast Boy, and Raven and DC described the team as bringing “bold, exciting and sometimes dangerous ideas” to handle their conflicts.

The current team will stay on the book until the end of this month with Teen Titans #30 and Annual #3 coming out soon. After this current run, Scott Lobdell will actually be taking Pfeifer’s place with Red Hood and The Outlaws. Be sure to go to the link at the top of the article to read Newsarama’s interview with Pfeifer and chack back here as we bring you more Teen Titans news and reviews.

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