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Posted March 11, 2016 by Jeremy Winslow in Movies

Let me put this out there: I have no comic book knowledge. (That’s a lie, dude.) 

Okay, okay, I have some comic book knowledge. (Come on, Jeremy, stop lying to these kind folks reading your crappy article.)

Fine! Yes, I have comic book knowledge. (You know this is irrelevant, right?)

Whatever! Anyway! We’ve all seen the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer by now; we all now Spider-Man is featured in the film. (How big his role is, and how well Tom Holland will do as “Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” is yet to be seen.) And, man, isn’t it amazing Spider-Man (pun intended) is in this film?

This is amazing because Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (say that five times fast) is distributing Civil War, with Marvel Studios producing it. But, Sony Pictures Entertainment owns the rights to Spider-Man films, following the ephemeral, weekly episodic TV series airing on CBS back in 1977. (Spider-Man was shuffled through many hands in the interim before the acquisition by Sony Pictures Entertainment.)

Back in May of 2012, we got the excellently directed and filmed The Avengers, distributed (again) by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. And, three years later, in May of 2015, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (once again—it’s a recurring theme here) bestowed upon the world the fantastic Avengers: Age of Ultron. Interestingly, in both feature length films, the Webslinger was absent despite being an Avenger. Sure, Spidey joined the Avengers almost fifty years after the formation of the O.G. Avengers team, but he is an Avenger nonetheless, dammit! I want to see him next to The Hulk and Thor and Iron Man! Spider-Man was offered membership to join The Avengers on multiple occasions, but he either denied (for no apparent reason?), or was not permitted to join because of “security concerns by The Avengers’ government liaison.” (Yeah, because with these super-powered “freaks,” The Avengers’ government was worried about “security.”) The Webslinger’s absence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was because of the incapability for both Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment to strike a deal that was beneficial for both parties. (It is not exactly specified why Marvel Studios does not own Spider-Man; in 1999, Marvel Studios could have purchased the rights for Spider-Man before Sony did.)

However, all of this indecisiveness changed just a year ago, when Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (I really dislike their name) and Sony Pictures Entertainment came to an agreement that would bring the Webslinger to future (here we go) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures films. And their first order of business as a newly-formed couple is Captain America: Civil War. Furthermore, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment signed a deal ushering Marvel to the Spider-Man universe, with the first inauguration being the upcoming Spider-Man film (starring Tom Holland as Spidey himself) releasing in 2017.

All of this is to say I’m excited. I’m excited because:

  1. Spider-Man is my favorite—I repeat, favorite—super hero,
  2. Spider-Man finally gets more big screen time, following the dull The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 in 2012 and 2014 respectively,
  3. Spider-Man should appear in The Avengers 3—whenever that comes out—and we’ll see cameos of Marvel characters in future Spider-Man films,
  4. Did I mention Spider-Man is my favorite super hero? I did? Okay, I’m just making sure, and
  5. Spider-Man’s costume in Civil War looks awesome, albeit reminiscent of Tim Miller’s Deadpool.

If you’ve yet to see the latest trailer, you can check it out below:

Are you as excited for Captain America: Civil War as I am? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know. And, while you’re still here, check out the “team” teaser trailer:

Which side are you on? Team Cap, or Team Iron Man? I’m Team Iron Man—solely because of Spider-Man. (But you knew that already.) And, yes, Internet, he does a “super hero landing”:


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