The Benefits of being a College Student

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Being in college can get you a lot of things. Friends, acquaintances, and girlfriends/boyfriends. Colleges are a source of education, especially if you do it right. Some people want to get the most of college, and others may be getting too much of the college experience. What are the benefits of going to college besides the degree? What are some short-term things you can get because your a college student?








Office 365 University

Office 365 University, $80 for college students

In many situations you can buy software at a lower price than normal. Depending on what you want, you can get significant deals. Let’s say you want Microsoft Office, you can buy the least expensive suite, Home and Student for $139.99. It comes with Word, OneNote, Excel, and PowerPoint and it can only be on one PC. If you wanted the 5PC Home Premium suite it would be $99.99 a year, but that comes with Access, Publisher, OneNote, Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. But if you’re a college student, you can get the special Office 365 University that comes with Word, Access, Publisher, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Excel all for four years at $79.99. You also get 20GB SkyDrive, and Skype minutes. $80 isn’t cheap, but the deal is a lot better than the other deals listed above.  All they usually require is you have a college institution email (.edu) or if you shop in person, you’ll need your college ID, and bang, you get the deal.



MacBook Pro

Always try to save as much money as you can when you buy one of these

Another deal College students can get is from Apple. Don’t expect a whole lot of savings or discounts when it comes to apple, but something’s better than nothing. First, you search Apple’s Education store, then you’ll have to enter your college, and it should let you shop. Some things are the same price, and others you may find savings. Like the same 15 inch MacBook Pro non-retina 2.3 base model is $100 less than its regular store price. So if you’re a college student in the market for a Mac definitely buy it through them.  As much as I’m not a big fan of Mac, I’ll at least advise you to save money when buying one.



Adobe Cs6 Student Edition

Adobe Student and Teacher Edition. The Cheaper Alternative

Amazon also has student software packages. You can buy Office, Adobe’s Creative Suite or individual programs at a discount buy entering your education email address. In some cases you’ll have to scan your student ID, but that’s nothing compared to the money you’ll save. For example: Adobe Photoshop CS6 is roughly $600 but you can get the same software labeled student and teacher edition for $350. You could even buy the Student and teacher edition of bundles cheaper than the standalone Photoshop.  There may be other deals from Amazon that you could get as a student.


Best Buy

Best Buy Logo

BestBuy isn’t always the greatest place to shop. They have all right prices for regular people. Sometimes they have good deals. It’s the same thing for college students. A couple weeks ago they had a deal going for free office University 365 for college students. All you had to do is prove you’re in a college. Last year they did a whole if you’re in college you can buy a $600 or more computer and you could get a free xbox or Windows Phone. Now that’s a deal. Currently they have a deal for college students, that you can get a 64GB flash drive ($85) for $34. For the BestBuy deals, you have to remain vigilant and be looking for these deals. But luckily, you can get the college deal coupons sent to you. All you need is an educational institution email and sign up at BestBuy College Student Deals .


Your College

Your college may have some deals for you. All you have to do is ask around in your bookstore. It can be simple things like getting a BusPass for an entire Semester for $100 (Saves on gas!) or getting Flash Drives on the Cheap. If you want to get great deals, people at the bookstore most likely know how to get you great deals. Checkout the online bookstore as well and see if there’s anything worthwhile.  For example, my college has the Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium for $345 compared to the normal price of $1,745. Savings like that you can’t get anywhere else. So always take a look at your bookstore. You can even buy computers at a lower price through your bookstore.





You’ll always hear life isn’t free. But sometimes stuff in life can be.


Your college.

Once again, the best place to check if you can get stuff at a reduced price is your college. Sometimes colleges have programs that give stuff for free. Like for example, Microsoft has a program called Dreamspark that gives away several programs (not office) and operating systems like Windows 8 Pro for free. All you have to do is sign up through your school. Your school may have some catches, such as you have to be taking certain classes and you might have to enroll for DreamSpark every semester, but still it’s free. The programs you can get through DreamSpark have a 2 year license and for most of them (not OSs) you can still use after they expire. Your school may not have the DreamSpark Program, but they probably have something similar or even better. It’s still a good idea to ask.




They also make good places to sleep..for free.

The free stuff at the libraries have to come with an asterisk. You can’t keep them. You can borrow materials from the library like a normal one. Sometimes they’ll have subscriptions to a magazine you don’t want to pay for, you can borrow it from there. But if you’re a nerd like me, you’ll use it to read books, especially Graphic Novels. Some colleges are a part of a Library Network, so you can go to your library’s website search on the Library network and find a book. Let’s say you want American Vampire Vol 1, but your school doesn’t have it, but some other school in the library network does. Your library will ask to borrow it, and in turn they will lend it to you. IT’S FREE! Your library may also have access to online movies, and e-books that you’re interested in.



Amazon Student

Amazon Student, the best deal for students.

The best freebie comes from Amazon. Now if you’re like me, you shop on Amazon a lot. Whether it be for books or random stuff Amazon can come in handy. They have something called Amazon Student, you get some of the benefits of Amazon Prime, but for free for 6 months, but if you decide you want to upgrade, you can do so at half the price. You can get FREE 2-day shipping on everything for 6 months. That’s amazing. Sign-up for free at Amazon Student.



Now, some of these deals are worthwhile, others can be negligible, but if you’re not a student, and you want to get these deals, you should think about enrolling in some classes. Maybe take a class at a local community college to reap the rewards. Don’t take a class just to get the rewards, take a class that will at least interest you. Learn something new while you’re at it. Maybe take an online course if you don’t have the time to go to a class. Research the classes you can take at the school and see if they have any freebies! If you know some deals for college students share them! Know of other rewards programs? Leave a comment. Let me know how  using your college status worked out for you!

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