The Best Games You Didn’t Play – 2013

Posted December 10, 2013 by Guilherme Jacobs in Video Games

There have been great games in 2013, you know some of them, like The Last of Us or BioShock Infinite or Grand Theft Auto V. But there are also some games, great games, that you probably missed. Games that either didn’t receive the same marketing, or that target a certain niche of the market. Regardless of the reasons behind these games not receiving the same hype as Battlefield or Call of Duty, they’re still some of the best games of the year. Now, you get to know them.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch (PS3)

originalLevel 5 is one of the best developers out there when it comes to J-RPGs, and Studio Ghibli is one of the best animation studios in the world. So what happens when the two team up? Ni No Kuni happens. The best way to describe this game is that it is Pokémon with real time battles. In Ni No Kuni, we play as Oliver, a good hearted kid that ends up in another world, full of monsters and magic. His mission is to save that world, and his mother, from the powerful and evil White Witch. You can capture some of the monsters, named Familiars, train them, evolve them, and use them in battle. You can also use Oliver, or his companions during the battles, since they have magic, gadgets and provisions. Ni No Kuni is a true J-RPG, but at the same time it’s also a step forward, the use of real time battles instead of shift based make it more fast paced, fun, and dynamic. On top of that, you get a beautiful, personal story with an amazing message. Ni No Kuni is a must play for anyone who likes great stories, and wants a 60+ hour RPG.

Gone Home (PC)


Gone Home is one of the most spectacular games out there right now. It’s short, it lasts about 90 minutes or so, but trust me, it’s one of the best hour and half you’ll spend. I can’t go into many details without delving in spoilers territory, but in Gone Home, you come home to find your house empty, your family gone, and through exploration, you’ll discover stories from not only your family members, but from previous owners of the house. The game works beautifully with its environmental storytelling, guiding you perfectly through the stories in a natural, smooth way. The main story will surprise you, going to places no one could expect, and it would be a crime to spoil any of it here. Please do not let 2013 end without playing Gone Home before. By the way, did you know the soundtrack is named “GH:OST”?

Guacamelee (PS3, PC, Vita)


Guacamelee is so, so fun. It really is. This game has some of the most clever writing I’ve ever seen. There are plenty of pop culture references that’ll pull a laugh out of you, for sure. In Guacamelee, you plan as Juan, a character who’s killed within the first 5 minutes of the game. You then gain luchadore powers, an ability to switch between the world of the dead and the world of the living just by pressing a button, and a sweet, sweet mask. Your mission is to save El Presidente’s daughter from your enemies. The game is a metroidvania style platformer, the gameplay is simple, yet challenging. You gain new moves, upgrades and abilities as Juan progresses through the story, and just so you know how amazing this game is, at one point you can play as chicken. There’s also a coop mode for you to play with a friend. Guacamelee is so, so fun.

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