The Characters We Want To Appear In Arrow’s Third Season

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Season 2 of Arrow has just finished, and it definitely delivered on the build-up to Oliver and Slade’s final battle. In fact, we gave the finale a pretty stellar score. One of the best aspects of this finale—and season 2 in general—was the inclusion of major characters and hints to the overall DC universe. Arrow introduced the League of Assassins, Arsenal/Red Arrow, the KGBeast, and many other characters. Given the show’s propensity for cameos and hidden references, we decided to make a few guesses as to which characters will appear in Season 3.

Be Aware, some spoilers for Season 2 will be included.


One thing we have noticed about Arrow is that the show loves to reference anything related to Batman. Unfortunately, it does seem that introducing Bruce Wayne would be a major event that might interfere with the upcoming DC movies. One hero that could be introduced is Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

It is no secret that Nightwing’s adopted city of Blüdhaven has been mentioned multiple times in the first two seasons. Malcolm Merlyn imprisoned Walter in a Blüdhaven housing project, so it makes sense that Oliver would encounter Nightwing at some point. We aren’t even picky about how they meet. Yes, a team-up to stop a major villain would be fantastic, but a smaller meeting could work as well. Just give us something, CW!


Connor Hawke

This character introduction is one that technically may have happened in a previous episode. One of the final episodes of Season 2 (Seeing Red) showed flashbacks revolving around Oliver accidentally impregnating a random girl. It does seem that the main reason for this flashback was to create sympathy for Moira before her death, but there had to be another reason. Everything in Arrow seems to be too well planned for a random storyline that has no ending. In the comics, Connor is Oliver’s illegitimate son who later becomes the Green Arrow for a brief time. Our prediction is that the unplanned child will be revealed as Oliver’s son Connor. The timeline won’t work for a team-up because of Connor’s age and Roy serving as Oliver’s sidekick, but it would be a nice inclusion for the fans.

One other interesting factor of this storyline is the fact that the mother moves to Central City after Moira pays her off. Does this mean that Connor might make a brief appearance in The Flash?

Mia Dearden

This is one of the more confusing character introductions that the Arrow team could include. In the comics, Mia Dearden is a young, drug-addicted girl that Oliver rescues and uses as his sidekick, Speedy.  However, Dearden is actually Thea’s middle name, and Oliver already refers to her as speedy—explaining Thea’s drug use in Season 1. We have to wonder how the writers will handle the character of Speedy seeing how Thea left town with Malcolm for parts unknown. One option would be for Oliver to meet a girl named Mia who reminds him of Thea, and she could be the new Speedy. If nothing else, the show could provide glimpses of Thea training with Malcolm throughout the season.


At first, we thought that Brick might be too farfetched for Arrow, seeing how the show has been mostly based in reality. However, Oliver’s battle with the man who would become Solomon Grundy and Deathstroke’s army makes a near-invulnerable enemy like Brick more realistic.

Actually, Brick did appear in Arrow, but he was simply a name on Robert Queen’s list (Daniel Brickwell). In the comics, Brick is a major player in the Glades’ crime scene who also enjoys murdering high-ranking officials. Oliver had many major battles with Brick throughout the years, and he loves the Glades, so it makes sense that he would meet up with Brick at some point in the coming season.

Brick and the Red Hood seem a little too friendly.

Brick and the Red Hood seem a little too friendly.

Red Hood/Jason Todd

Jason Todd has a long history with Batman and Green Arrow, so there are a few reasons why he is very likely to make an appearance. The main reason is Jason Todd’s history with Brick. They teamed up at one point to fight both Batman and the Green Arrow, and Todd spent time helping Brick smuggle guns in the Glades, before he kidnapped Mia Dearden.

Another reason why Todd is likely to appear at some point is his run-in with the League of Assassins. After Todd was resurrected, he was captured by Talia al Ghul and taken to Ra’s, where his memory was restored. Ra’s figures to be a main enemy in the future seasons of Arrow, which could include an introduction of Todd.

The final (and possibly most important) reason that Jason Todd could be introduced in Arrow is his relationship with Roy Harper. At some point in the future, Todd creates a group called Red Hood and the Outlaws. One of the main members of this group is Roy Harper, now using the name of Arsenal. We don’t know how far in the future this group is, but it could mean a breakdown in the relationship of Oliver and Roy.

He was an assassin…until he took an arrow to the chest. Sorry, bad joke.

He was an assassin…until he took an arrow to the chest. Sorry, bad joke.

Constantine Drakon

We have to start by mentioning that the Greek Assassin Constantine Drakon did appear in the pilot episode of Arrow, only to be presumably killed when he was hit in the chest by a thrown arrow. However, he was never actually shown on screen as a corpse. Constantine Drakon has a long history of battling Oliver, as well as Connor, Speedy, and Arsenal. It doesn’t make sense that the show’s creators would kill him in such a quiet fashion.

More importantly, Constantine Drakon meets up with Deathstroke in prison at some point. They immediately break out and go on a revenge quest against Oliver. This could serve as a future villain team that Oliver and Diggle would have to battle. We are assuming that Deathstroke will be shown in his prison cell throughout season 3, which could lead into his meeting with Constantine Drakon.

Komodo (Simon Lacroix)

Komodo is possibly one of Oliver’s most fearsome enemies. He is a deadly archer who also knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow. Komodo’s company, Stellmoor International, did make an appearance in Arrow when Isabel Rochev was introduced. She tricked Oliver and took over Queen Consolidated, which fit nicely with the comics. It seems unlikely that the show’s creators would include Komodo’s company in Arrow but not include him as well.

Komodo could also make an appearance should the creators choose to pursue the Outsider’s storyline involving Robert Queen’s pursuit of the Arrow totem—known as the Green Arrow. This storyline would explain more of Robert Queen’s background and Oliver’s connection to the Outsiders. The show could also use mix footage of Komodo in the flashbacks and present times, much like they did with Slade Wilson.

LeapoClownLeapo the Clown

To be perfectly honest, we just want to see if the CW could pull off a menacing version of Leapo the Clown. He started out as the Green Arrow version of the Joker, only to become the enemy who figured out Oliver’s weaponry. We imagine that Leapo (also known as Bulls-Eye) would be a psychotic resident of Starling City, much like Count Vertigo or the Clock King.


Aiming for the Target

So there you have it. These are the main characters that we believe could make an appearance in some form during Season 3 of Arrow. Yes, some are more farfetched than others, but we believe they all have a chance to appear. Are there any specific characters that you would like to see? Let us know.

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