The Comic Wish List: 4th June 2014

Posted June 3, 2014 by Joel Raivid in Comic Books

Welcome to the second installment of the new weekly feature bringing you comic book previews on what we are looking forward to each and every week, the general rule will be that we will pick one indie, one DC and one Marvel and if merited an honorable mention (or two)

Deciding how to spend your money this week on New Comic Book Day? Don’t worry, we got you covered!! Here are a handful we think you should pick up! Have your say in the comments if you want to add your own thoughts!




Green Arrow #32

Written by: Jeff Lemire

Art by: Andrea Sorrentino

After the excellent Outsiders War where everything wrapped up so nicely and violently, we kick off a brand new arc with Ollie returning to Seattle. Being a brand new story line, this is a great jumping on point for this popular run and it will see Seattle under siege. Diggle, having returned recently, has shown up to stop Richard Dragon assembling a brand new rogues gallery of villains and with lots of arrows promised by Lemire recently, I am assuming Ollie will be there to help Diggle stop Dragon too. This series has been critically acclaimed for both the writing and Sorrentino’s truly spectacular penciling, this new arc is certain to continue with excellent plot and mouth salivating art. Definitely pick this up on Wednesday.



amazing x 8Amazing X-Men #8

Written by: Craig Kyle & Chris Yost

Art by: Ed McGuinness

A brand new creative team, therefore, another book to jump on to this week if you haven’t been reading it as it has been a lot of fun so far. Nightcrawler has returned and World War Wendigo Begins!! Wolverine & Co are in Canada when they cross paths with Wendigo. In fact, a whole herd of Wendigo’s. Wendingo is bad enough on its own, so it takes some assistance from Alpha Flight (Guest Starring) to try and get through this fight. Seeing as the story is called ‘World War Wendigo’ I am assuming this will be an arc and not a one shot unless it is a really easy war, which I seriously doubt!! So get ready for Kyle and Yost’s return to the X-Men franchise.




Nailbitter #2

Written by: Joshua Williamson

Art by: Mike Henderson

Issue one of Image’s latest series Nailbitter, was really quite that…Nailbitting. It was a classic horror story and set in the town of Buckaroo, Oregon which has a history of violent serial killers who roam the streets and have done for some time. The killer that this series centers around is the Nail Bitter, who is all sorts of nasty. They are on a mission to find where serial killers come from. The imagery is gruesome and really does set the scene for the series, which will hopefully run and run as it really is a fresh story that is keeping the reader on its toes, even after only one issue. With the independent market ever growing with good books, be sure not to skip on this one.

Which books are you looking forward to this Wednesday, let us know in the comments……

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