The Comic Wish List: March 2nd 2016

Posted March 1, 2016 by Joel Raivid in Comic Books

Welcome back to the Wish List! Me here, Joel Raivid (Senior Editor), just wanted to let you know what I think you should be picking up this week. So many comics are coming out each and every week, and I know it can be so hard choosing which ones to get, especially if you are on a budget! So if you are deciding how to spend your money this week on New Comic Book Day, don’t worry, I got you covered!!

Lets kick things off with what we are excited for and are deserving of these honorable mentions!

I have really been enjoying Sheriff of Babylon from Vertigo so I will definitely be picking that up. We have a #1 from BOOM! in the form of my favourite kid’s show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which is super exciting! And over at Marvel we have a debut issue of Mockingbird solo series, the next issue of Old Man Logan and Spider-Man, two really exciting series that I can’t wait to check out this week.

The list below are this weeks comics I thought are most essential though, so read below to see why you have to pick these up!!

DC Comics

gl50Green Lantern #50

Written by: Robert Venditti

Art by: Billy Tan & Mark Irwin

Post convergence this series has really kicked into a new gear and has left behind the immeasurable amount of crossovers that have plagued this series since the New 52 began. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed most of the crossovers, but I just feel that now we are getting a great solo story. Venditti and co have been building towards the return of Hal Jordan Parallax, so this is the story I have been waiting for and I can’t wait to see what is going to play out, especially as this is an oversized issue.



Marvel Comics

bw1Black Widow #1

Written by: Mark Waid & Chris Samnee

Art by: Chris Samnee

I haven’t been more excited for a new solo series in a long time! Not only am I a huge Black Widow fan, but the creative team is mouth drooling. Fresh from their incredible run with Daredevil, Waid & Samnee are taking over this character and I can’t wait for some great dark stories. I really enjoyed the last volume from Edmondson & Noto, so this has alot to live up to, but I can’t believe it will be anything else than a success.



Everything Else

TheViolent_03The Violent #3

Written by: Ed Brisson

Art by: Adam Gorham

Publisher: Image Comics

I have really been digging this series and have always been a fan of Ed Brisson. I love the grittiness he brings to a down to earth story, and this series is no different. Being a father myself, I felt a certain pain for the child that was abducted in the first issue, and anger towards the main character for being so reckless, but since the moment I picked up the first issue I knew this was going to an absolute hit in my books. Definitely check out this series if you haven’t so far.

Which books are you looking forward to this Wednesday, let us know in the comments……

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