‘The Concessionaires Must Die’ Characterizes People We Hate the Most, The Concessionaires

Posted April 13, 2016 by Jeremy Winslow in Movies

When we get to the movies to watch the latest film released on the big screen, we usually rush to the concession stand. Hopeful to get there early so we may land a good seat in the auditorium, we are greeted by exceedingly long-lines—sometimes, these lines extend out and around the theatre. Frustration swelling in our throats like a blistering cough, we belt, “What the hell! Why do these concession stands always take so long?” (There’s usually more profanity in a statement like that.) America Young—director, actress, writer; she kind of does it all—gives us a farcical look into the lives of those theatre workers. In The Concessionaires Must Die, Ms. Young tells the tale of a band of theatre workers determined to prevent the closure of their single screen independent movie theatre.

Starring Scrubs‘ David Blue, Parks and Recreation‘s Talia Tabin, Anger Management‘s John M. Keating, and a cast of other unfamiliar (?) actors and actresses—as well as an appearance from famed comic book legend and Spider-Man creator, Stan Lee—The Concessionaires Must Die is a light-hearted, popcorn flick aimed at tickling your funny bone, and parodying popular superheroes and clichés. As whimsical as the film is, though, it does pull at the heartstrings; a tale about dreaming big, but ultimately floundering, The Concessionaires Must Die looks like a grand, albeit despondent, ol’ time.

Check out the trailer below.

The Concessionaires Must Die is scheduled to release sometime this year.

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