The Dylan McVillain Trilogy an interview with Kevin Coulston

Posted April 16, 2014 by Oscar Russell in Comic Books
There are not enough amazing all ages comics out there. Kevin Coulston wants to change that with his latest Kickstater project which you can check out here. We The Nerdy got the chance to interview Kevin and it was great.
We The Nerdy: So who is Dylan McVIllain?
Kevin Coulston: Dylan McVillain is a three-foot-tall evil little man with mechanical lobster claws who floats around on a waist level jet flame. He’s loves his role of being a villain but is usually pushed into saving his city due to an abundance of incompetent superheroes. He’s also obsessed with pickles, his favorite meal being the Pickle Burger from a local fast food chain called “Evil Burger”.
WTN: It’s an all ages book, which is great as it is not a market that is tapped enough! What made you want to write something for everyone?
KC: Back in 2009, I broke into the world of Webcomics with the Pop-Culture Parody Comic – “StaleBacon”. After a while i compiled my strips into a book and started exhibiting a comic conventions. I realized immediately that children loved my style, but StaleBacon is not a kid friendly comic.
I loved comics as a kid, it made reading fun and I know I’m not alone in that experience. So I created Dylan McVillain as a response to this experience. I started with no goal. I drew a goofy looking character, gave him a goofy name and started creating comics. There’s plenty of people out there writing comics for adults, I wanted to give kids something fun to read.
WTN: What has been the biggest difference in doing this to the web comics that you have previously done?3f5b19b2a713abe05c346beafcdf70ca_large
KC: My first comic, “StaleBacon” was full of adult humor and “Dylan McVillain” is a family friendly comic. I’ve made over 350 StaleBacon strips, and over 200 pages of Dylan McVillain. After a while, I realized writing for kids can be and is a lot more fun.
WTN: Trilogies are great,  but why not just one big book? What made you take this approach?
KC: I created each book separately, but I also took into account the short attention spans of children. It’s much easier for them to get through a 100 page graphic novel than 300 pages.
WTN: The drawings look so much fun, any creator influences that have helped you with your style?
KC: There’s a ton of artists I look up to that inspire my drive to create comics, such as John K. and Bob Camp of Ren & Stimpy, or Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes. I don’t see their influence in my style so much (others may), but what they’ve created has definitely inspired me.
WTN: What more can you tell us about Dylan’s supporting cast?
KC: Dylan’s gathered up a pretty big crew throughout the trilogy. In the first comic Dylan’s at the supermarket to buy pickles, being short, he’s not able to get them off of the high shelf. He created his side-kick Eugene the Robot as a means to get pickles off of high shelves. Dylan’s crew also includes a talking dog named “Dog” who used to be a human, but ends up being stuck in dog form due to some scientific technical difficulties, a constant problem in Dog’s life. Dr. Mischief, an ex-villain and Dylan’s childhood hero, and newer friends like Chuck the Wizard, Pugly, and Germ.


WTN: There is also the evil Toe-Nailiens, they sound pretty gruesome?
KC: They are nasty for sure. When writing the first book I knew i wanted Dylan fighting off aliens, but I didn’t want them to be the generic aliens you always see in popular culture, So I modeled them after toes. It’s gross and kids love it.
WTN: What has it been like drawing and writing the book? Could you see yourself working with a co-creator at any time?
KC: Writing and Drawing these books has been extremely fun, and it’s something I look forward to every day. I started my first comic with a partner back in 2009. Working with others has its advantages, especially getting past writers block, but with Dylan McVillain, I love that I have complete control over every aspect of the story and art.
WTN: Any tips for those aspiring artists/writers out there?
KC: Just create, no one is stopping you but yourself.
WTN: What have been the biggest challenges you have faced in doing a Kickstarter?
KC: Just making sure I did it right. Creating a video was something I didn’t have any experience in, but I watched some turtorial videos and was able to figure that out. I wanted to make sure I covered everything, from explaining what Dylan McVillain is, to having the right backer rewards for this project.
WTN: Any last words………
KC: Well, I hope after reading this interview that you’ll take a few minutes to check out the Dylan McVillain Trilogy on Kickstarter. I’ve put everything I’ve got into this project and I promise you’ll have fun reading through the books, whether you’re 5 or 65. Thanks!
You can check out and back The Dylan McVillain Trilogy here, and also follow Kevin on twitter for more updates

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