The Few and Cursed #1 Review

Posted November 30, 2016 by Josh McCullough in Comic Books

Written by: Felipe Cagno

Art by: Fabiano Neves

Publisher: Timberworlf Entertainment

Felipe Cagno has a new creator owned series out that is all kinds of awesome. I’ve been a big fan of his 321: Fast! Comics line of graphic novels, and was excited to see what he could do with a fully length comic. The result is a supernatural western described as “Buffy meets the Old West” that is fast paced, exciting and left me wanting more.

The story is set in a desert wasteland where water is scarce. Our star is a woman called The Redhead, a curse chaser who wanders from town to town hunting down cursed monsters in return for the water she needs to survive. The script does a great job of drawing you in to the world while maintaining a solid pace. I never really felt lost when reading (aside from some confusion in the middle) while also never feeling like I was sitting through a boring lecture. There’s enough in the story to make you question the world and how it works without beating you over the head with pointless detail. Cagno knows what you really want to see, a badass battle a giant snake, and that he definitely delivers.


From the start the comic has a very striking and cinematic quality to it. It’s widescreen comic book action at its best, knowing when to take things slow and let atmosphere build and when to cut loose with supernatural creepiness. The art from Fabiano Neves is a huge contribution to this feeling, it’s a great atmospheric style that sold me on the book from page one. It’s got a very bold and defined Patrick Zircher quality to it, but with a lot of emotion and excitement throughout to keep you invested. The most striking thing however is of course though the monster designs. If you’re doing supernatural monsters they need to look right, and man does what we see here look great. We get teased at the end with the villains of the series, the eponymous “Crows of Mana’olana” which left me very excited to see what sort of creepiness the book could drudge up with later designs. There’s definitely a lot of creativity and talent on display here which will have me coming back for issue 2.

The only real hindrance I have with this issue is a few things in the middle of the book that seem a little unclear. There’s a few character actions and story beats that made me think I’d missed something, but it’s not really that big a deal as it’ll likely be explained in future issues. Other than that this issue works well to set-up the mini-series and has me very excited for upcoming issues.


Overall, this is a very promising debut issue. The Few and Cursed scratches an itch for a book I didn’t know I had, and was very fun and intriguing throughout. There’s great atmosphere, tension and giant monsters that’s sure to be to the taste of supernatural comics readers who like their action fast and fun. With the second  issue successfully kickstarted and a third issue coming early next year, the future looks bright for this mini-series, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

If you’d like to see more from this book or purchase a copy, the kickstarter page is available here

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