The Flash “The Wrath of Savitar” Review

Posted March 10, 2017 by John Patterson in Nerdy Bits

Episodes like this are why I watch this show. The episodes where a lot happens but it doesn’t feel oddly paced I remember looking at the clock during the episode, expecting to only have 5 minutes left but then I saw there were 25 minutes left and got super excited.

I should start off talking about what I forgot to talk about last week, like a dumb dumb. The engagement!! Last week Barry proposed to Iris seemingly impulsively and she said yes of course. When they tell the team Joe is excited but is a bit hurt that Barry did not ask him, and realizes how rash the decision is. The real reason for the rash decision is revealed later in the episode. When we get another glimpse into the future, we see Iris is not wearing a wedding ring. Barry proposed to Iris to try and change the future. When Iris finds this out she’s obviously hurt and tells Barry that she only wants him to propose when he does it out of love and she takes off the ring, taking one step back from changing the future. I’m glad that something like this happened because it seems like everytime they try to change the future, they succeed in a way. It’s nice to see them have a set back. This story line reaffirmed to us that Barry is willing to do anything to protect Iris, including lie to her. It shows off the more foolish sides of Barry and how he’s not really thinking about how other people feel. This is also showcased through his treatment of Julian. Barry has no real regard for Julian’s mental state and only really cares about talking to Savitar to stop him. This impending future has led Barry to making a lot of selfish decisions and he’s becoming unlikable in a way. It’s good because we’re seeing Barry go to places he’s never been before, character wise, but it’s also making me side-eye him a bit.

Another big thing that happened this episode was Savitar’s return. Wally had been seeing him for a week and had not been telling the team, something that Barry was not at all Happy about. Savitar uses Wally throughout the episode and manipulates him to escape the speed force, where he’s trapped. In the end Wally is sucked into the speed force while Savitar escapes. I want to talk about multiple things in this storyline. First, they’ve gotten rid of the all CGI Savitar and made a practical, or at least it seems mostly practical, suit for an actor to wear and, in my opinion, it looks really good. It allows the actors to interact with something real and they can be more physical with Savitar. The fight that Barry has with him at the end of the episode is the best fight with Savitar so far because of the practical suit that they made. Another thing we learned was that everything that happened was apart of Savitar’s plan. He always planned for Wally to get his speed, for him to get a bit over confident and cocky, resulting in him trying to solve the Savitar problem himself and accidentally releasing Savitar. It shows how smart Savitar is and how he works. It makes him a more formidable foe. The only issue I really had with this storyline is when Wally was getting sucked into the Speedforce. Everyone’s reaction seemed sort…'”Meh”. They got a bit more upset after Barry fought Savitar but as it was happening everyone, even Barry who was right there, seemed a bit….uncaring. I was expecting Barry to at least run to him and try to stop what was happening but nothing. It took me out of the experience a bit.

Barry and Iris’s relationship was not the only one fleshed out this episode. We got to see a bit more of Jessie and Wally. She was doing her best to help him in anyway she could. Their relationship is becoming more believable the more we see them together. It is the same with Caitlin and Julian. One of the main reasons he did not want Savitar to possess him again was because he didn’t want Caitlin to see him like that again. Their relationships are becoming more third dimensional and we’re seeing the depth instead of just being told it’s there. I also would love to explore the relationship between Jessie and HR a bit more. We see him comforting her after Wally gets trapped, saying that he’s not like her dad but he’s there for her. That relationship could be very interesting and is definitely something I want to see developed more.

One small issue I have with the episode is that the show is going back to the “Who is it” mystery. I was really happy they were getting away from the two tropes that the flash has had the past two seasons and that’s “who is it” and “Gotta get faster”. They shifted the “gotta get faster” trope onto Wally which was kind of interesting but I was hoping we’d completely shy away from the “who is it trope” because of the nature of Savitar. I was hoping that his “human identity” is someone we’ve never met before. It seems like that is not the case. Savitar said that team Flash was there at his creation so I a a bit interested to see where that goes but I’m scared that the show is going to keep relying on the same tropes throughout the different seasons and it is going to get old.

Overall this episode was fantastic, one of my favorites of the season so far. I hope they can keep the momentum (no pun intended) even though they’re falling into some old tropes.

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