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Posted February 13, 2017 by John Patterson in Nerdy Bits

Welp, we didn’t have to wait long at all for the Barry and Wally race. I thought we’d have to wait a bit longer for it but the writers were able to find a way to give it to us a bit early and I’m not complaining. Now I want a scene with all the speedsters racing even more. Wally started off confident that he could beat Barry but we all knew that wasn’t going to be the case. Try again later, Wallace.


This episode was another “trying to change the future” episode, which is interesting to see and I enjoy to an extent but it’s already getting a bit old. A trap that the show falls into a lot is the repetitiveness of Barry’s need to get faster. One of the more interesting things about the beginning of the season was that Barry knew he could not beat Savitar by getting faster so he needed to find new ways to defeat him. Now that their goal is to change the future and save Iris, we’re back to the “gotta get faster” trope. The only difference this time is that it’s Wally trying to get faster instead of Barry. They are doing a couple of interesting things with them trying to change the future, such as weaving in things from the future news cast. I also did enjoy how they retied in flashpoint in this episode. But the show is getting repetitive with Iris almost dying the past 2 weeks and I wish they’d spread out the events that were foretold in the broadcast throughout the rest of the season instead of doing it all at once. The writers spreading it out would make the moments where it’s revealed that they’re beginning to live an event from the newscast hold more weight. We’re supposed to be going to Gorilla city for the next two episodes so hopefully that’ll give us a break from the “Change the future” episodes. And the Grodd episodes are always interesting.

This weeks villain was Clive Yorkin, a meta from flashpoint who could make things rapidly decay with just a touch. The only thing that made Yorkin’s character particularly interesting was that he was from Flashpoint. He made a couple of other storylines interesting but Clive himself was a fairly weak character. He served more as a tool for everyone else’s storylines.

One thing that we got in this episode that I enjoyed was teacher Barry. I really enjoy seeing Barry putting on his teacher and leader hat. We saw that a bit with Jesse and when he was leading the not-Justice League against the Dominators but now Barry is refining his leading techniques. We get to hear just how much of an impact Jay and Harry had on him, but not just them, Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon too. He tells Wally that even though Thawne and Zolomon had alterior motives, all of his mentors believed he could do what needed to be done in that moment. They didn’t just show him, they coached him and he says that’s what he’s going to do with Wally. This leads us to an awesome scene where Barry phases a WHOLE ENTIRE TRAIN, and we get our first “Run, Wally, Run” which, in my book, you’re not a real speedster until someone has said that to you. The team tells Wally that he needs to get his blood mixed with Yorkin’s to counteract his power. Barry encourages Wally to phase his blood through Clive and Wally succeeds. It’s great to see Barry being a teacher but Wally is learning very fast and I’m scared to see what happens when he reaches Barry’s level. The last thing I want to see is Wally losing his powers but I have a bad feeling that’s going to happen. I hope to God I’m wrong.

One of Yorkin’s purposes was to bring Caitlin and Julian together. Last week Julian played more of a comedic role to the team but this week he was back to being a jerk. Caitlin even comments on it, showing her that Barry wasn’t exaggerating when he said it was near impossible to share a lab with Julian. Julian talks about how he still feels guilty about the things he did as alchemy and how he feels like Yorkin is his responsibility. When Caitlin reassures him it’s not his fault Julian states that even though he was not in control it was still his fault and that it was irresponsible and childish to blame it on someone else. Caitlin takes this as him also blaming her for the things she did as killer frost. The good thing about this storyline was that it shows that Julian’s character is still intact and him loosening up will be apart of his character development and not a random automatic thing. I was afraid that Julian would be nothing but comic relief for the rest of the season but I’m glad to see that his change will be gradual. And we’re already starting to witness it. By the end of the episode he’s the one who is able to talk Caitlin down from a full blown melt down….or should I say freeze up? No? Ok.

A huge thing that happened this episode is that the Team revealed to Joe the possible future that could lead to Iris’s death. This happened a lot sooner than I expected it to and not how I thought it would. I thought that Joe would find out because someone left the board out or something and then he’d confront the team but I do like that the team told him instead. Even though Joe was angry, which was a completely justified and reasonable response, the team telling him instills more trust between them all. Joe makes the team and Barry specifically swear to him that no more lie will be told. Now that everyone is in the know, the team can work together to prevent the future. But still, let’s take a break from that storyline for a couple episodes.

Overall it was enjoyable episode. The highlight was definitely the Flash/Kid Flash race. Hopefully we’ll back off the “change the future” storyline with the next two episodes in Gorilla City.

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