The Four-Sided Ring: Ends, Beginnings, and Legends

Posted April 9, 2014 by Henry Varona in Nerdy Bits

Hello and welcome to the first ever Four-Sided Ring! Every week, We the Nerdy will run an editorial series that focuses on the wrestling industry, with a focus on the world around us right now! Since this is the inaugural post, and it comes in the wake of the monumental Wrestlemania 30, this post will largely center on that, while also touching up on the passing of Legendary WWE Superstar The Ultimate Warrior and the rise of new talent from NXT.

First and foremost, Wrestlemania 30 was incredible. As a fan of wrestling since 2001, I can definitely tell you that this was one of the better shows they have done in years. I fondly remember attending Wrestlemania XX ten years ago as a young boy and losing my mind as I watched my favorite superstars on the grandest stage of them all. It was an honor then and it was an honor now to watch screaming with my friends as I saw history unfold.

We the Nerdy Four-Sided Ring Cesaro Wrestlemania 30

While there are a few matches that I’ll talk about more closely, I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention a few of the lesser matches on the Wrestlemania card. First, the tag-team title match was a missed opportunity. While it was perfectly serviceable,  I couldn’t help but feel like it was all thrown together at the last minute and then bumped from the card when they realized nobody cares. The most noteworthy part of the match came after the final bell when after weeks of build-up we finally saw Cesaro and Jack Swagger split. It was a necessary moment for later in the night, when Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. I’ll admit that I was rooting for the Big Show, the spiritual successor to Andre the Giant, but I was impressed to see that Cesaro was given the confidence and push to take the trophy home. In a moment that was eerily similar to the great Wrestlemania III, Cesaro picked up the Big Show and did and over the top rope slam that sent him crashing to the floor. When Show shook Cesaro’s hand I knew we had witnessed something big. In addition to the top-notch Cesaro match, we got a surprisingly good Divas match. Sure it was a hot mess that was just there so the Divas would have something to do, but the finish was rally well done. I tend to stop caring these days when the Divas appear, but the way that AJ Lee won the match was really memorable and gave me hope for the future (More on that soon). Throw in the crazy squash match from the Shield and you have a decent undercard. When the lesser matches all have something favorable to mention, you’re in for a good show.

We the Nerdy Four-Sided Ring John Cena Bray Wyatt Wrestlemania 30

Easily my pick for match of the night, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt delivered and then some. Ever since the Royal Rumble there has been a build towards these two facing off, with some great promos and mic work. Their eventual confrontation proved to be well worth all of the hype it had built up. While John Cena emerged victorious, it was Bray Wyatt that looked phenomenal. From the live entrance to his over the top hi-jinks in the ring, it was his show and he knew it. Easily the best moment of the match came when Cena went to go for his Five-Knuckle Shuffle and Wyatt popped up into his crab walk. Great camera work and a great reaction from Cena made that an instant Wrestlemania moment. But to end the match with Wyatt all but submitting to John’s anger, handing over a chair and waiting for him to demolish him made Wyatt instantly memorable. For a first Wrestlemania, Wyatt could not have asked for a better show. I have high hopes for him in the future.

We the Nerdy Four-Sided Ring Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 30

My second (And third) favorite matches of the night were the Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H match and the triple threat WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. These two matches delivered on months of build up and made a hero out of Daniel Bryan. In their opening brawl, Bryan went over HHH cleanly, something I honestly didn’t expect. HHH has a history of putting his own needs above those of others, and I was happy to see that he knew what was truly best for business. He put on a great match and when it was clear that Daniel Bryan was getting jitters, he took the ball and ran with it. Great work from both men. But in the aftermath, the title match, I must say that WWE really had me going. As Bryan was beaten more and more I truly questioned whether or not he would walk away with the title (s) in hand. Batista had me going too, with his ultra-last second kickout from Randy Orton. My friends and I all collectively yelled at the screen and were on edge for the rest of the match. But ultimately, we got the moment we had always wanted. Every single thing you could imagine working against Bryan happened, and yet he still prevailed. I hope this is a sign of things to come, but my heart knows better.

We the Nerdy Four-Sided Ring Undertaker Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 30One thing I could never have predicted was the end of the Undertaker’s streak. Ten years ago I watched from ringside in awe as the Undertaker returned against Kane after months away from the ring. The streak wasn’t mentioned back in those days, but it was on the front of my mind. Undertaker will win, he’s gotta. It’s Wrestlemania. To see that streak ended after all these years is something I will never forget. I’m not upset that it’s over. It was a great moment. I’m not upset that it was Brock Lesnar, he’s a great competitor. I’m upset that the match wasn’t as good as it could be. It was just decent. Not terrible, not great. Just decent. And because of that, it was a bitter pill for the fans. It was going to be a bitter pill for the fans regardless of how it was done, but had it been a better match, we wouldn’t feel so empty. It’s not either of their faults in a lot of ways, because Undertaker is nearing 50 years old and Lesnar is only capable of so much. But it’s still rough. And yet one of the greatest Wrestlemania moments of all time.

We the Nerdy Four-Sided Ring Alexander Rusev Lana Raw But as great as Wrestlemania was, Raw just might have been better. For me, as a fan, it was very rewarding to see WWE immediately push their new talent after such a spectacle. Great talent like the Shield, Danial Bryan, and Bray Wyatt were all given continued attention that worked to further their individual hype trains, but something different happened too. A new era seemed to force itself onto the show. We had the Raw debut of Alexander Rusev, known to many for his performance in the Royal Rumble and his promo work on Smackdown. We saw a new Divas champion crowned in Paige, the NXT Women’s Champion a wonderful up and coming Diva in her own right. And we saw the in-ring return of Bad News Barrett, victorious over Rey Mysterio. The show never seemed to stop and the crowd was crazy the entire night, but I don’t think anybody ever did better than Paul Heyman. Heyman cut one of the best promos of his career following Brock Lesnar’s victory over the Undertaker. The crowd truly seemed to want to kill him. And yet later in the night, when Antonio Cesaro came out and revealed himself as a “Paul Heyman Guy”, the crowd couldn’t contain their excitement. Heyman was on fire and captivated the audience every time he came onto the screen. We are truly lucky as fans to have such a man available for us to enjoy.

However, there was sad news this week. The Ultimate Warrior, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame just this past weekend, passed away. While he was able to come out and cut one last promo on Monday Night Raw, the void he leaves behind will possibly never be filled. But, to draw this to a close, I will leave it to the Warrior himself.

We the Nerdy Four-Sided Ring Ultimate Warrior final promo Raw

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