The Four-Sided Ring: Here Comes the Pain!

Posted July 23, 2014 by Brian Caudill in Nerdy Bits

So I could sit here and talk about how Cena’s still champ, or how Ambrose and Rollins have an amazing storyline…. but Brock Lesnar is back baybay!! Say what you want about part-timers coming back and immediately getting the main event spot, but I’ve been waiting for Lesnar to return ever since he broke the streak at Wrestlemania. Now that Lesnar has beaten the Undertaker at WM, he has to dominate the WWE until someone can finally conquer him. In my mind, this is the only way that a rising star like Roman Reigns or Cesaro could gain momentum from Taker losing at WM.

Zack Ryder Losing Streak


As awesome as it will be to see Lesnar come in and beat Cena to a bloody pulp (Extreme Rules 2012), what no one seems to be talking about is what could have been. This was supposed to be Daniel Bryan’s match. Seeing all three members of the Shield succeed and getting the surprise returns of Chris Jericho and AJ Lee seem to have made us forget about Bryan being out indefinitely. Yes, Cena and Brock could have a good match, but it won’t be the match of the year candidate we would have gotten with Brock and Bryan. I guess for now, we can all just go back and watch Punk and Brock’s war at Summerslam last year.

Speaking of Punk, his contract has finally come up with WWE. It seems like he was waiting  for his contract to come up, before he finally came out of his hole in Chicago. He’ll be a part of the Nerdist panel at the San Diego Comic Con this week, and just this past Monday, he appeared at the Alternative Press Music Awards. In a televised interview at the awards show, Punk spoke briefly about the last six months noting that he did get married, and that he’s “never ever” returning to WWE. While, he was speaking almost jokingly, implying the internet would go crazy over the comments, it’s pretty clear that he’s happy with what he’s doing for the time being. Not having such a hectic road schedule, he’s available to explore other career paths. Maybe we could see a Punk podcast? I’ll be happy when he finally sheds some light on the crazy way his WWE career ended.

New NationAlso on Monday, we saw the creation of a new faction in WWE. After Big E and Kofi Kinston lost a tag team match to Rybaxel, Dr Xavier Woods approached the ring suggesting that they couldn’t move forward with their careers continuing like they were. Immediately the internet exploded calling this the “New Nation of Domination.” The problem with this is that two weeks ago, the Atlantic published an article by writer Dion Beary entitled “Pro Wrestling Is Fake, but Its Race Problem Isn’t.” It points out the history of WWE using stereotypes as gimmicks for its minority workers. The article brings up a lot of legitimate points, revealing the true race problem that the WWE faces. In light of this article, you would assume that WWE would at least want to make some small strides in the right direction. You would be wrong. Yes, I’m interested to see where this goes, but all they have done is pair together three African-American workers that have been stuck in mid-card limbo for months (or in Kofi’s case, years).

TNA had somewhat of a reboot this week. We finally started seeing some of the shows from their New York City tapings at the Manhattan Center, and they seem to be really taking a different direction. Due to a fan vote, they’ve brought back the six-sided ring, and they’ve started taking steps back toward a show based around great wrestling rather than wacky storylines. It helps that they’re in front of a classic New York crowd of “smarky” wrestling fans. I don’t want to jump the gun just yet, but TNA seems to realize fans don’t want a bad ripoff of WWE, we want an alternative.

In closing, this week is the annual G1 Climax tournament for NJPW. The matchups almost always beat the hype. If you want to check out how AJ Styles is spending his time, look for the ustream link for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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