The Four Sided Ring: Night Of Champions Edition

Posted September 24, 2014 by Ryan Campbell in Nerdy Bits

I just can’t figure out the WWE sometimes, the Raws leading up to Night of Champions were pretty awful but then the PPV itself was pretty solid for the most part and had some good matches. Of course everything begins and ends with the World Heavyweight Championship and the match was entertaining and definitely painted John as the underdog still but a far more capable underdog that can still find enough to beat Lesner. That is until Seth Rollins came out to attempt a cash in, he knocked out Cena, curb stomped Brock but Cena managed to stop him from cashing in. So the ending to the PPV ended with a DQ finish and a cash in tease, so of course everyone in the world wanted their $9.99 a month back. This was really the only option WWE had though as they had booked themselves into a corner with this match, Cena couldn’t afford another crushing loss and Brock couldn’t drop the title only a month after his reign began. People have said this fell on Rollins making him look stupid but I believe we can see two reasons why Seth wanted to cash in at NOC.

1. Its Brock Freakin’ Lesner, you don’t know when you’re going to get a chance like this again so you have to jump on it.

2. This man returned



As long as Dean Ambrose is back Rollins has to assume he will make his life and any attempted cash ins a living Hell, so he needed to take this shot. On Raw the next night much of the focus was on Cena and Ambrose trying to get their hands on Rollins. The result was Ambrose facing Kane and Cena facing Orton. I like the tension they teased in the Authority as Kane and Orton are growing tired of cleaning up after Rollins. After his match with Kane in which Rollins interfered Ambrose was locked in a closet cause as Stephanie put it, “when have we ever thrown someone out and them not come back?” Good logic there as we saw a theme of them playing our “wrestling” expectations against us. Rollins told Orton Kane and himself would be at ringside and had a surprise for his match with Cena. As you might have guessed they Box O’ Blocks was at ringside and as the match went on we waited patiently for the “cut to the back” showing Ambrose breaking out, instead showing his true afinity for boxes Ambrose was hiding under the box when Kane went to reveal the cinder blocks. I don’t think it is any suprise that NOC and Raw’s presentations being better can be associated to Ambrose’s return.


In other news Hot Potato has become a popular game as Miz won the IC Title at NOC only to lose it back to Ziggler the next night on Raw. I’m going to admit I will miss seeing Damian Mizdow with his toy IC title next to Miz, that had me laughing pretty good. Mizdow kills me with his mimicking of every move Miz makes, go back and watch him after Miz loses the title and he is copying everything Miz does as he lays in the ropes and sits in the corner, hilarious. AJ also regained the Divas title that she lost last month at Summerslam in what was actually a really good triple threat match with Nikki and Paige. There was good action, good spots and a decent match time giving the girls the ability to show they can have meaningful matches and angles. It wasn’t a case of hot potato but the Dust brothers also managed to win the tag titles from the Usos and end their 200+ day run as champs. The only logic I can come up with as to why all the title changes is that they felt they needed to cushion the blow of the non-finish that would be taking place later in the evening.

Without a doubt though the most intriguing thing going on in WWE is who the heck the Bunny is! Monday night saw Adam Rose finally team with the bunny in a match with Titus O’Neal and Heath Slater. Early rumors seemed to point to Darren Young playing the bunny but after last night it appears it may be non other than Justin Gabirel. Others have thought it’s NXT star Sami Zayn but if this picture leads us anywhere it sure looks like Ganriel.



In other news Roman Reigns was rushed to a hospital Saturday to have emergency hernia surgery, this is what prompted the return of Ambrose who wasn’t rumored to be returning till Raw. Reports are saying Reigns will likely miss 4-6 weeks which isn’t too long but WWE needs all the stars they can get right now.

Also in case you missed it there is an excellent article on about the crop of young stars in NXT that represent the future generation. As someone who spent time in the Indie scene it’s awesome to see these Indie legends not only getting a shot but being given the future of the business. Check it out here

Till next time friends Go out there and put someone over!

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