The Four-Sided Ring: Summerslam Slaughter

Posted August 21, 2014 by Brian Caudill in Nerdy Bits

There are very few matches I’ve seen in WWE as one sided as the main event Sunday between Brock Lesnar and John Cena. None of those were for the WWE Championship, and certainly none of those involved the face of the company on the receiving end. During the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match on Sunday, Cena really only had one real move of offense against the dominating Lesnar. It’s almost reminiscent of Wrestlemania 30. We as wrestling fans have been conditioned to what we would consider “laws of pro wrestling.” Some of those would be “Undertaker never loses at Wrestlemania,” and “John Cena always makes the come back.” Lesnar has broken both of those laws. Cena always plays the hero, meaning that even if he loses, he fought valiantly to the end. That’s what made the main event of Summerslam so surprising, the after sixteen German suplexes and two F-5’s, Cena couldn’t kick out at two.

Brock Lesnar suplex

There have been so many complaints about Lesnar being handed the belts after only having a handful of matches since he returned in 2012. I feel like having Lesnar as champion brings a certain amount of prestige back to the title. The fact that he’s not at every show means it’s a huge deal when he does show up. This is old school booking. When Raw first started, the WWE Champion was rarely on the show. You waited every week to see the top guy in the company. Lesnar also looks the part of a champion. The general consensus is that he’ll be an unstoppable beast in the ring until he drops it to a rising star like Reigns, Ambrose, or possibly a returning Daniel Bryan. All we know for sure is that Cena is going to have his rematch at Night of Champions next month.

In possibly the best lumberjack match of all time, Seth Rollins battled Dean Ambrose all over the arena. Rollins ended up victorious after hitting Ambrose with his Money in the Bank briefcase while all of the lumberjacks fought in and around the ring. On Raw, Rollins and “Korporate” Kane were told on Raw to finish Ambrose in the main event. The match ended up being one of the most satisfying main events of Raw in memory. Both continued to push the limits of PG in a Falls Count Anywhere match culminating with Rollins hitting the Blackout on Ambrose through cinder blocks after interference from Kane. Ambrose was just announced to have a starring role in a new WWE Films feature, so this could be writing him off of TV for a few weeks to film. It’s clear that even though Reigns is being pushed as the top star from the Shield, Ambrose is connecting on a better level with the fans. I can’t wait to hear the crowd reaction when he makes his surprise return to get revenge.

Steal the Show

In other Summerslam results, Reigns beat Orton, Ziggler beat The Miz to win the IC title, Bray beat Jericho, Paige beat AJ, and Stephanie beat Brie after Nikki turned on her twin sister. I don’t want to discount any of these matches, as they were mostly good *cough*StephanievsBrie*cough*, but all of these feuds will be continuing into Night of Champions. These longer feuds are good for storytelling, but it feels like every feud has to have three PPV matches before we can move onto something else. I enjoyed Reigns vs Orton, but I don’t know how much more they can do to make me enjoy another match. The same goes for Bray and Jericho. I need to see some more stipulations.

So as TNA goes, they’ve been killing it for the past few weeks with their shows. They’re finally going back to do everything great that WWE is failing at. They have had some great hardcore, tag team, and X-Division matches. We had some good news and bad news with TNA this week. The good news is that after all of the rumors that Impact Wrestling would be cancelled come Fall, it was announced that they would stay on Spike TV at least until the end of the year. The bad news is that one of the staples of the roster, Bully Ray, has apparently told the locker room that he’s finished with the dates on his contract, and he won’t be renewing. It’s an exciting possibility to see Bully back in a WWE ring again to finish his career (that seems like the path most wrestlers are taking), but he had such an amazing run in TNA over the past few years. He proved that he was main event material and was one of the best talkers and workers in the business. He’ll definitely be missed.

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