The Infinite Loop #5 Review

Posted August 21, 2015 by Chris White in Comic Books

Written by: Pierrick Colinet

Art by: Elsa Charretier

Publisher: IDW

I’ve become somewhat enamored by The Infinite Loop’s charm; as soon as I picked up this issue I felt at home—back among familiar characters and revisiting a world that I have fond memories of. The Infinite Loop #5 is science fiction done right. It is more than just a story, but a social commentary on people’s views on homosexuality, acceptance of choice and the rejection of conforming to society’s preordained beliefs. The Infinite Loop #5 takes Teddy and Ulysses to the facility where all captured anomalies reside in the hopes that maybe Ano is there, and Teddy can be reacquainted with the love of her life.

Yet again, Pierrick Colinet has written a script that delivers on every level. I don’t think I’ve commended him on his use of humour in the series yet. There are many moments when a joke helps to alleviate the tension of the story; with the imminent attack by the two goons from the agency that Teddy used to work at, the wry humour is a welcome addition to the comic. A penultimate issue has a duty to build the story to the ultimate crescendo, and by the end of the issue, I was left 100% ready for what is to come. I’m nervous, worried, anxious and excited, and this concoction of emotions wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the talent of Pierrick. He has built this epic from scratch and I don’t want the story to end. The representation of LGBT characters to date has been empowering and respectful—this seldom kind of duty is fairly absent from the medium and to have such strong-willed and smart characters represented in such a way is refreshing.

Elsa Charretier continues to illustrate to a high standard; the effort that has gone into the facility is top notch; sometimes when there is a call for a lot of detail in one panel, comic book artists fail to achieve, but Elsa makes sure every anomaly is unique, with every aspect of their faces in harmony with each other.

There isn’t much more I can say; The Infinite Loop is a comic that continues to deliver. It would certainly be worth your time reading back through my previous reviews to read how great the series is so far and why it has become my favourite series of the year. The Infinite Loop #5 is another great entry into the story of Teddy and Ano, and it would certainly be worth it if you decided to give it your time.

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