The Last of Us 2 for PlayStation 4 is in production, claims Brazilian website Omelete

Posted January 28, 2014 by Guilherme Jacobs in Video Games

Brazilian website Omelete claims that The Last of Us 2 for PlayStation 4 is happening. According to the site, their sources inside Sony says the game is already in development, by Naughty Dog, and will release next year exclusively to Sony’s new console.

The Last of Us was declared a “success” by Sony, selling over 3,4 million copies (probably more by now), and receiving massive critical success including plenty of Game of The Year awards. Considering all of that, a sequel is no surprise. No details were given regarding story, but we’ll keep you updated.

Editor’s Note: While most probably don’t know them, I’m Brazilian myself, and I can vouch for Omelete being a very well known and respected website here. Given their credibility, this report is likely true. 

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