The Leftovers “A Matter of Geography” Review

Posted October 12, 2015 by Chad Waller in Nerdy Bits

Spoiler Warning—Plot and or ending details to follow

The second season of The Leftovers started off with a swarm of new characters, places, and information. It was a strong showing, diving right into the thick of Miracle Texas, yet still pulling back enough to keep viewers left wondering. The place is strange, and if I’m being honest, really kind of creepy, yet we still don’t know why.

However, “Axis Mundi” left me wondering about more than just the new town. Season one had a lot of active plot threads and characters, and as it turns out, moving across the country won’t make any of those people or problems go away.

“A Matter of Geography” acts as this season’s information dump. We start months prior to the beginning of season one, with everyone still living in Mapleton, New York. Kevin and Nora confess some of their darker secrets, which helps fill audiences in on the biggest plot point of season one while also building their new relationship on a rather strange foundations. This cuts to the two adopting Lily; Kevin’s father returning with news that he’s “cured,” though not in a traditional sense; a brief moment involving Jill, her brother, and their mother; an institute studying the departed incident paying almost three million dollars for Nora’s house; and everyone deciding it would just be best to leave Mapleton for good.

Oh, and Kevin is still being stalked by the ghost of Patti, the once leader of the Guilty Remnant and woman who committed suicide right in front of him. She is not a happy ghost.

The Leftovers has always had a lot of questions at its backbone, and in true Lindelof fashion, we’re getting more of them. Right now I’m fine with that, but as more and more things pile up—and we all know they will—I might start to wonder if every major plot thread will be wrapped up sufficiently.

Because while there are supernatural elements to this show, they aren’t present enough for them to act as full on answers. “Magic” will not cut it here.

But that’s in the future. Right now, we’re looking at another strong episode that helps reestablish old problems while also introducing us more to Miracle itself. I really can’t get over how bizarre and off this town is. We’re talking about a place that forces all animals into a two-month quarantine before giving them back to their owners, a place filled with police officers and security guards. There are multiple check-in stations, tons of rules, and I’m quite certain the fence we see goes around the entire town. I’m reminded of a prison.

Miracle is one big red flag after another, and now Kevin and Nora are stuck there because they bought a house. The house, by the way, is run-down and breaking. Of all the questions and problems present, that’s perhaps the only one that strikes me as odd. The house itself is huge, and the neighborhood is nice; there’s no way it would be falling apart on the inside.

“A Matter of Geography” acts a kind of necessary evil, but it does its job well. Now with all of this information out of the way, it’ll be time to move forward. Like always, that makes me both very nervous and very excited. Old problems don’t go away because you plug your ears and close your eyes, and in the case of The Leftovers, that only leads to even worse things to come.

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