The Mummy #1 Review

Posted November 10, 2016 by Adrienne Crean in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Milligan

Art by: Ronilson Freire

Publisher: Titan Comics

This surprised me in a pleasing way. I went into this comic thinking it most likely will include Egyptian culture, and the ways of a harsh Pharaoh. I received some of those things, but I also was able to be immersed into what ritual worship could be realistically like.

I felt that the beginning pages threw you into the flames, before warming you up, with the fast moving scenes of the stories opening. As a reader, you can tell that some type of Egyptian god ritual was happening, but it went back and forth between a priestess named Nebetah, and who seemed to be religious warriors/elders. They speak of sending their worship for gods such as Re, Osiris, and Anubis. However, exactly what priestess Nebetah, and even the Egyptian gods, wants, seemed a bit confusing.

The comic does contain a pleasant way of going forward into the future. A future very different from what we’ve just witnessed. Where we experience groups of women being kidnapped one way or the other, all over the world, and being examined for a certain marking pertaining to this past we’ve just witnessed. And certainly the interest rises once you, the reader, come to know of what fate awaits these women who have no such mark.

To make this story even more entertaining, we have a woman who does bare the desired mark. She of course is filled with beauty, style, and a strong mouth. An absolutely strong, independent woman who has found herself in a whole new world.

Freire brought dark, gritty, even a bit spooky to each passing page. I felt that you were never quiet sure what was going to happen. Freire has a beautiful way of shadowing, to not give you disinterest to what’s being shown, but more of an absolute interest. What do they see on the other side of the shadow? Milligan writes for a truly alluring story.  A story that can teach, as well as immerse you into full Egyptian culture.

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